Feminine With a Side of Edgy

Feminine With a Side of Edgy

Feminine pieces will always be in style: they will always make us classy, confident and girl-boss. However, sometimes we are lazy to dress up our outfit, we have to walk or we just don’t feel like wearing heels. So then we reach out for sneakers to go with our outfits, but not just any sneakers, but the ones that will actually look good - not too sporty, as if we just ran out of gym and threw a dress on us.

It’s important to always distinguish running sneakers from casual ones. As you might already know, I’m obsessed with ugly sneakers lately and wear them non-stop. I chose the plain white ones, from Fila, that will go with basically everything. In the photos below, I wore those sneakers with my favorite Lovers & Friends emerald green dress and my outfit looked really nice - feminine, but comfortable and edgy. However, if I wore the same dress with some Nike running shoes, it wouldn’t look nice and would make people wonder if I just don’t have shoes or was just in a hurry after gym.




Wearing: Shoes - Fila White Sneakers 

Dress: Lovers and Friends

All photos by Lia Selfridge.