Once Upon a Time in Paris

Once Upon a Time in Paris

As I didn’t want to start my post with a cheesy quote about how beautiful and dreamy Paris is, I will at least start by saying how chic Parisians are. It is no secret that Parisian girls have always been an epitome of elegance and style, known for their excellent sense of fashion. They proud themselves of being simple and effortless, while radiating that confident vibe of elegant women. So what’s their secret?

Me, being the nerd that I am, started planning my trip one and a half months ahead of my trip. Needless to say, I had an excel spreadsheet stating every single outfit for every location I would visit. I researched Parisians’ styles and observed them up close while enjoying thousands of cups of coffee at cute little restaurants (they have their chairs looking to the street for people-watching, how convenient is that?!). It was like a real-life runway, with me sitting in the front row (didn’t go to Paris fashion week, but who cares?!). As a great student, I took some notes and summarized some common style threads seen among Parisian girls:

  1. Monochrome outfits: I was glad seeing monochrome outfits since I live in those for couple of years now. My best advice is to stick to one color palette: makes an outfit look expensive.

  2. One Statement Item: It’s always important to remember that less is more. If you just got that new tweed Chanel bag, no need to over weigh your outfit with more accessories. If there is too much going on, it takes away the attention from the most important thing: YOU.

  3. Feel the way you look: If you want to look effortless, you have to feel that way inside too. That said, if you can’t really walk on those heels, then just don’t. It entirely breaks your look, no matter what you are wearing. #JustDontDoIt

  4. Dress like Paris: And I don’t mean Hilton. The actual city is all beige, black and white, with some gold to accessorize those beautiful balconies. Take Chanel, for example, and her color palette. Same, right? In Chanel we trust (others we just don’t honestly care about ;) )

With these tips in my mind, I created the outfits below: