Latest Beauty & Fashion Finds For A Perfect Vacation

Latest Beauty & Fashion Finds For A Perfect Vacation

When in doubt, vacation!

We all need a vacation twice a year, for six months. But we don’t always get what we want, so when that long awaited vacation time comes, we want to make sure we’re 100% ready for it. If you’re a nerd me, you probably have Excel Spreadsheets detailing every hour of every day of your vacation with restaurant and tour reservations, but in this post I’m going to talk about my latest fashion and beauty finds that became absolute necessities:

  1. White Sandals: I’ve never been a fan of sandals, but the hustle of putting on shoes after the beach is just too much sometimes, especially when you’re burning under the sun. My favorite ones were Dolce Vita flat sandals (below) that I wore everywhere. They look nice for a casual look, as well as evening look. It’s easy to take them off if you want to go on the sand and you don’t need to bend and clip/unclip them over and over again :D


2. Dior lip balm: As a lip balm addict, I am constantly trying out new products in the hunt of perfect mix of hydration, shine and longevity. With million options in the market, traditional Dior Addict Lip Glow is considered one of the best to deliver all those qualities, which made me exactly what it says - Addict. Specifically, I love the fact that I can wear it alone and it’s perfect for a natural subtle tinted gloss. The other 2 options that can compete are Sugar Advanced Lip Therapy and BiteBeauty Agave Lipbalm, however they are either clear or tinted like a lipstick, which I don’t like to wear alone.


3. Facial Mist: It’s amazing how you don’t know you desperately need a product unless the brands decide to tell you so. And in this case, they are absolutely right! Hydrating facial mists are a must if we’re under the sun all day or after a heavy workout or any other time when we want to feel refreshed. But even more so during vacation, when we go make-up less and just want to hydrate and glow.


4. LSpace Swimwear: I recently discovered this brand on Revolve when I was looking for a quality swimwear and I must say, this is the best swimwear I’ve had so far. It is a bit on a pricier side, but I’d rather pay more and wear it more as well, rather than buy multiple cheap ones only to throw them away every month due the loss of color and elasticity.