How to Fight Frizzy Hair in Miami Weather

How to Fight Frizzy Hair in Miami Weather

Living in Miami is almost as amazing as it sounds: beach, tanned skin and daydrunk all day everyday (not for us, workaholics tho). The only problem is frizzy hair all the damn time. Even if your hair is the best hair, let’s admit, it will get somewhat frizzy down here, especially near water (where all the good restaurants are). I know , we always want it all, but this is one challenge that’s harder to overcome than anything else.

Staying true to my moto this time as well, life is too short to have bad hair days. And I mean it. Bad hair ruins your confidence and we’d rather sell our soul to devil than not be confident in our own skin or, shall I say, hair. The frustration is real when you style your hair to perfection and next thing you know, you’re at a beautiful restaurant by the river, with a bird nest on your head. No, no and no.

Below I summarized all the ways I fight humidity and frizzy hair that actually work! You’re welcome in advance.

  1. Invest in hair primer: This one is game changer. Priming is key to beautiful, anti-frizz hair and Hairdresser’s Invisible Hair Oil is the best. I don’t know if there is point in listing others, but this one from Living Proof is also worth giving a try.

  2. Invest in a good brush: I was late with this one as I never thought how much difference a brush can make in a blowout. Look for ceramic, and-technology round brush that also has some bristles in it. The longer the hair, the bigger the brush. Some of my favorites are:

  3. Post-styling sprays: Anti-frizz sprays are must. Again, Bumble and Bumble won’t disappoint you. I use Inviible Oil spray to smoothen hair and give a nice silky finish or if I dn’t have it, just use my BB primer - spray it on my hands and gently comb though my hair with fingers to tame any flyaways and lock the style. To finish, I use Oribe anti-humidity spray.