Why To Invest In Luxury Shoes

Why To Invest In Luxury Shoes

I don’t believe in love at first sight.. unless it’s shoes!

They say good shoes take you to good places… but let’s be honest, how far can you really go if they are not comfortable? Some argue that comfort doesn’t matter when shoes are fabulous and that it’s worth a day (or a lifetime) of misery. My 16-year-old self agreed with this and gave me some serious lower back pain. That’s why I couldn’t be happier that I’m not 16 and stupid anymore.

The older I get, the more I appreciate comfort and putting my health first. I mean, imagine owning a gorgeous pair of heels but so uncomfortable that all you do is mostly sit around being beautiful. This sacrifice is too high of a price to pay and is just not worth it, at least for me.

I would probably take a lot of heat for what I’m about to say, but I just spent a fortune on a pair of YSL shoes that I abso-fucking-lutely love! They are dreamier than any men and when I got them out of the box, I hugged them like newborn babies, never wanting to let go. I always shop smart, taking my time to research and usually don’t make unnecessary purchases from designers. However, there are fundamental reasons why I will never regret buying my babies (and no, I’m not just making excuses for my recent splurge!) and why it makes sense to invest in luxury shoes.

  1. Comfort: I cannot stop repeating myself, but comfort is all that matters. Being a shoe-holic, I’ve tried shoes from a wide price range - from cheapest to luxury and believe me, nothing feels as good as quality shoes. While in some cases cheaper alternatives might look quite similar, they never feel the same. The reason behind this is cheaper shoes are made of cheaper materials (duh) and don’t have the same level of craftsmanship. Those are usually made by fast brands, with the emphasis on mass production. Fit is never comfortable, heels get scratched after a few (even one) times of wear, they hurt and they simply don’t look as good. So if you want to be able to actually walk in your shoes without terrible feet and back pain, start your research now!

  2. Timelessness: When investing in shoes, always think of how long you are going to wear them. When shoes are on pricier side, I always think of how classy they are. Can I wear them with almost every color? (aka is it black?) Will it go out of style? Are they good enough to last for at least 10 years? If the answer to these questions is yes, then my credit card is ready to get hurt again.

  3. Cost per wear: One of my favorite proverbs goes: “We’re not rich enough to buy cheap things”. The thing with cheaper shoes, as with everything else made poorly, is they don’t last. Always be smart and research for the shoes that provide the best benefit-to-cost ratio and always choose quality over quantity. Instead of having 3 pairs of Zara sandals, you can easily afford a pair of high-quality shoes. Just think of how many times you are going to wear them. While the price may be higher, the number of wears is going to be higher as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to re-buy the same pair of nude pumps. Now that I think back, I could’ve afforded Louboutins and they would still look amazing.

  4. Elevating The Look: The best part with designer shoes is that they instantly elevate your look, even if you’re wearing a $5 white t-shirt and some basic jeans. Shoes and bags are the most important things in your outfit. If they look cheap, no matter what $$$ dress you have on, it won’t look good. Shoes can make or break your outfit, so choose wisely.