Summer Favorites: Antonym Cosmetics

Summer Favorites: Antonym Cosmetics
Glowing Skin Is Always In

Summer is for tanned and glowing dewy skin. In my last post, I wrote about tips to achieve glowing skin naturally. However, if you want to add more glow to your skin, then highlighter is here to help you. While we all love summer, wearing makeup in this heat and humidity  is the worst thing because your pores are going to be clogged with makeup and sweat and your skin will soon break out. Thus, your best look is your tanned skin plus some highlighter and a touch of soft bronze eye shadows to create that nude summer makeup look. I'll give more details about each product below.

 I started using Antonym Cosmetics couple of weeks ago and since then I'm using these products non-stop. Their makeup is organic, cruelty-free and includes only natural ingredients. The packaging is also sustainable, made from bamboo. So if you're looking for luxury vegan makeup, this is it!

 The highlighter has a silky finish and blends smoothly on my skin. You can use a highlighting brush or just dab a little with your fingers on the tip of your nose and cheekbones and it will instantly brighten your face and give it that supermodel-worthy dewy finish. If you're aiming for a heavier evening makeup and want to contour your face, you can use a powder brush  and apply the highlighter to your cheeks, chin and forehead for that all-over-the-face glow.

I love to keep my makeup natural and create 'non-makeup' looks. If I want to go a little extra, I do bronze smokey eyes. For that, I use Quattro Eyeshadow Noisette which has 4 perfect shades to create that look. I don't really like using eyeshadow primer and these eyeshadows remain for hours without a primer. I love that these are easily bendable, so that if I make a mistake and put too much of a dark shade, I can always smoothly blend it in with my blending brush

This post is created in collaboration with The Digital Darlings and Antonym Cosmetics.


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