Summer To Fall Closet Transition

Summer To Fall Closet Transition

Can't believe Summer is over and it's already September. Well, technically it's always summer in Miami, but it's of course more exciting to be on the same schedule with the rest of the world. :)  While Summer is always all about fun, vacations and memories, I'm really looking forward to wearing fall clothes. Fall Fashion is one of my favorites which I don't get to wear much in Miami. That makes me want to wear fall clothes even more. I'm excited about all-black outfits, leather jackets, ankle boots and scarves - but the transition into fall closet doesn't happen that quickly. In these early September days, when it's kind of feels like summer, but your mood is already changing for fall, you can start transitioning into your fall closet by:

Adding some fall colors to your wardrobe: Neutrals (and black, of course) is my favorite color palette and this year I'm adding mustard yellow to the list. I'm totally obsessed with anything in this color, which gives me late-summer vibes. Check out some mustard-colored pieces below:


Doing your makeup in warmer tones: Sunset makeup colors are trending this summer and will keep trending this fall too. Warmer makeup looks very natural and soft, perfect for fall. Lately, I've been using ABS Modern Renaissance Palette to create sunset makeup.

With this on my mind, I created this outfit under 5 minutes in Zara:

All photos by Lia Selfridge.