My Skincare Routine with Biainili

My Skincare Routine with Biainili

“I regret taking a good care of my skin” – said no one ever.

We all want to look our best and have a glowing flawless skin without heavy makeup. When it comes to skin, especially more sensitive facial skin, sticking to natural and simple ingredients is the most important part.

I would describe my skin as normal and a bit oily in T-zone. Although it might sound easy to find products for normal skin, the luxury brands that I tried would not always work and would give me break outs or not absorb and feel oily. However, after trying Biailini skincare line my skin feels better than ever. That’s why I partnered with Biainili to illustrate my skincare routine which is simple and makes your skin feel soft, glowing and most importantly fresh and breathing.

Biainili  is a skincare and lifestyle New York based brand that I absolutely love. They combine Western and Eastern traditions and create amazing scents and quality products inspired by Armenia, which is right on the crossroad of East and West. Their scents are very unique to local culture and have a calming and relaxing effect (benzoin scent inspired by Armenian paper? How cool is this?). As if this wasn’t enough, their products are never tested on animals.

  1. Cleanse. My everyday routine includes cleansing my skin with Pomegranate Jelly Face Wash. It removes dirt and any makeup residue, leaving my skin fresh.
  2.  Tone. To awake my skin and make it breathy, I use Pomegranate Revitalizing Antioxidant Toner . It refreshes my skin, reduces puffiness and it just feels amazing to inhale that relaxing scent.
  3. Moisturize. This is my favorite part. I use Face and Decolette Brightening Fluid  which I love mainly because it’s very light and watery and gets absorbed immediately. It hydrates my skin and is packed with super antioxidants. What I also love is that it hides fatigue (I’m tired since 2013)  and I also use it right before going to sleep too to recharge my skin for the morning.
  4. Face Mask. I love masks in general while sipping some wine and listening to music and relaxing. Geranium and Rosehip Petals Instant Brightening Face Mask does exactly what it says: instantly brightens my face and evens skin tone. It also has real rosehip petals inside which I love as I know it’s natural. It calms  (I need it the most) and soothes my skin in addition to hydration and Vitamin C.
  5. Night Cream. I used to not put anything before going to bed mostly because they wouldn’t absorb and would leave my pillow dirty. Also I didn’t like waking up in the morning and still feeling the product on my face as it didn’t absorb. I’m so glad I have Pomegranate Night Repair Cream now as it never leaves any residue and absorbs immediately. I massage it on my face (after I wash and tone it) and go to sleep.
  6. Lip Balm. I have this bad habit of biting my lips when I’m nervous or anxious (and let’s be honest, I’m always anxious  ) and therefore I need a really good moisturizing balm which lasts for hours after applying to keep my lips hydrated and soft. I tried lots of brands and it’s very hard to find one with good scent, creamy texture and good quality. Therefore, I’m very happy with my new Pomegranate Lip Balm which does everything I just said.
  7. Body Balm. This is a must from me. I never skipped a day without moisturizing my skin. I apply Walnut & Cognac Body Balm right after showering and love to inhale that scent throughout the day.


All the photos by Lia Selfridge