Spotted in New York

What’s better than Christmas in New York? Champagne and a private jet, If you ask me…while I’m on my way to New York! I’m going to skip the part where you usually describe how magical it is in NYC and how pretty the decorations are. We all know that. What’s most important for us, fashionistas, is how do we look nice and keep warm at the same time? Because, you know, the Christmas lights might be magical and all, but there is nothing magical about the cruel wind.

The solution for staying warm is to invest in quality warm boots and coat. We all love a good black coat in winter, but it’s so easy to get blended in with the crowd, so why not try a color to stand out? The opposite of black works as good as it can, making your outfit unique.

As a true fan of neutrals and keeping it simple, I chose my favorite color palette to create the look below. I was super-warm and my outfit definitely stood out among curious New Yorkers, asking for outfit details.