Fashion Blogger's Guide to San Francisco

Fashion Blogger's Guide to San Francisco

Last week was amazing because I got to spent it in San Francisco! The trip was set to be great right from start since I got to wear my fall/winter clothes and enjoy the cold. I love planning beforehand on where to go, where to eat, what to explore, I spent 8 hours (I know!) on our agenda - organizing the restaurants and attractions in an excel spreadsheet. Call me a nerd, but it was so much easier when we were in San Francisco - I already knew where to go next, so no time was wasted on Yelping.

Of course, there are lots of guides on where to go and what to do in San Francisco, but I couldn’t find one that would be from a Fashion Blogger’s perspective. Cause, you know, we look at things differently: does that restaurant have good food, but also pretty interior to take photos of? Or when should I go to see that attraction to avoid crowds and take nice photos? These are the questions always bothering me and so I decided to put up a guide to San Francisco from a fashion blogger’s stand-point and help people like me explore SF and get the most out of it on Insta!

  1. Golden Gate Bridge: This had the highest priority on my list and required lots of planning. Not only I found the best spots to enjoy the view, but also carefully planned the whole route. My first advice is to go as early as possible, but not earlier than 8am since you won’t get much of the light to shoot. Also, check the weather before going, if it’s foggy you won’t be able to see anything. Start from Battery Spencer to take the photos and enjoy the view from the top without any crowds. Then walk your way down towards the start of the bridge and take some more photos of the view - same level as the bridge. Then cross the bridge( 1,7 miles) by bike or foot (either way you’ll be able to stop and take photos) to the other end of the bridge and enjoy the view from Fort Point.

    This way you’ll catch the light on the top and will be able to take crowd-free photos and will actually enjoy your walk toward the city. Otherwise, if you decide to walk first to get to Battery Spencer, you’ll probably be exhausted and in no mood for photos.


2. Painted Ladies: These pastel-colored Victorian Houses are must-see for everyone visiting San Francisco. I’d recommend going around 3-4 pm to enjoy your cup of coffee sitting on the grass right in front of the houses. The light will be good and there will be fewer tourists.


3. Cable Car & Lombard Street: Lombard Street, also known as the most crookedest street in the world, is very beautiful with all the flowers and the view from the top. However, beware of the tourists! Taking photos without at least one tourist in it and a car overwhelming you can be quite a challenge! I recommend taking the cable car from Union Square to the bottom of Lombard Street and then hike all your way to the start of the crooked part, enjoy the view and then hike to the top of Lombard Street.

The lines for Cable Car can be crazy (2-hour crazy), so the earlier you go, the better. When you reach the top, just walk towards the Fisherman’s wharf (probably 15 minute walk) going all the way down the hills and visit Ghirardelli Chocolate Square for souvenirs and chocolates, of course. Pier 39 is also nice to see the sea lions, however not as good from Instagram perspective.


Union Square and Financial District are definitely worth exploring and taking streetstyle photos as well.

All the outfits I’m wearing on the photos are linked below:

  1. Dr Martens Boots in White

  2. Zara pants N1 and N2

  3. Zara Sweaters

  4. Nordstrom Puffer - yellow is sold out, but the blue one is still available with 60% off!

  5. Nordstrom Scarf

  6. Gucci Marmont Bag