How to Develop a Taste for Fashion

Hi loves! Today I want to talk about developing a good taste for fashion. Once again, I must repeat myself: there is nothing that cannot be learnt. To a degree, a good taste can be a a result of having a good-taste eye (some naturally gifted people), but it is definitely not something one is born with. If someone has a really good taste and is creative in her style, it is because she is very skilled. And, as everything else, becoming skilled and having a good taste requires lots of discipline, dedication and hard work. In fact, people who think of themselves as someone with a "bad taste" are either lazy to work towards developing a better taste or are totally ignorant about their looks (who, let's be honest, are not so many, especially among us, fashionistas). In other words, a good taste is all about details. When we develop a sharp eye to details, that's when we develop a new habit - taste. Lots of people will say that "taste is very personal and subjective". That's because they can't explain why they like a certain thing: maybe because they saw it once on their favorite model or they know it's expensive and automatically assume "good taste".  However, while some elements of taste can be attributed back to one's childhood, appraisal and family, I don't agree that taste is just a personal preference and I will explain why. Everyone wants to get better in time, do a better job. Let's say CEOs want more profits for the companies, actors want more Oscars, models want more contracts, etc. And if the taste is "personal preference and subjective" and everyone likes whatever they like and that's it, then how are the designers supposed to get better, or shall I say skilled? How will they know their flaws and eventually work towards it? Because if "taste is subjective" they can never create a piece that most of their customers will like and there will never be trends in fashion either.



So where and how is one supposed to acquire a good taste? People with good taste understand the fundamentals of color harmony and of good design and then they start improvising on those fundamentals eventually creating individualized look that expresses who they are.

Rule number one for me is to appear effortless and simple, but never careless. Wrinkles on your clothes, worn-out pieces and washed out colors are an absolute "no" for an outfit to be considered tasteful. Second, it just has to fit good. If it's lose or short or long - it's time to find a good tailor.tenor

A 100% effective way to ensure you are able to come across as someone who has good taste is to be informed and keep up-to-date. How do you do this? Simple. Just read high-quality magazines (of course I mean Vogue), visit stores that are selling stylish-at-the-moment clothes, pay attention to the quality and remember that it's always better to buy few high-quality pieces rather than poor-quality many pieces that just scream polyester. Visit art galleries and museums to learn what's going on. With time, you will become more familiar with fashion and will learn about what you like and what you don't. You can always check others' outfits and try to imitate with pieces you already have in your wardrobe and thus, learn how a certain outfit looks on you and most importantly how you feel in it and what would you change. I don't say to copy copy and would like to bring an example of painters in 18th century  who imitated painters of the Renaissance whose paintings were brown due to dirt. However, years later the paintings were cleaned and revealed bright colors, whereas the ones of imitators remained brown. Although imitating the style (for example, a-line skirt, heels and a shirt) and playing around it and making it unique and all about you is a great way of developing a good taste.giphy (2).gif